Updox Inbox…..Getting Started as a Clinical User

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Getting started as a Healthcare Professional in Updox

Remember….save the link to www.nowdox.com for the login and support buttons from our virtual clinic

You will have received an invitation from Andrew Barbash, MD (or another active member) via your email. Please check the spam folder in case an address with “@myupdox.com” is being blocked

Please Login on a computer for first time setup, not from a mobile phone

Click the MENU Icon on the left of your INBOX to update your profile and notifications at any time (initially update your password and have an SMS text sent to your mobile phone whenever Secure Messages arrive in Updox)


Then click on PROFILE


Then Click on SETTINGS (also can update any other information)


There are a number of settings such as who can access  your private workspace (ie office support staff or other colleagues). When first using Updox, make sure you setup to be notified on your cellphone via an SMS text for any new Secure Messages or Faxes. Once you are logging in daily, you might uncheck this to avoid too many notices.


Remember, any time  you make any changes to any page, always look for the SAVE button!

Alwayscheckforsave button

Remember the first time you login (or any time later) to check the TOOLS menu and create a custom password, upload a signature file, etc





SENDING A NEW MESSAGE involves the ADDRESS BOOK. This is more involved than the usual one, and we have other help files related to it. There is your personal/practice shared address book, and a global Updox directory that includes the master community of clinicians that are “vetted and authorized” ..more on that later.


One of the most powerful aspects of Updox are “work queues”….a group administrator creates these, and assigns “access” to one or more users.  If you ever see blank screens or cannot find something in your Inbox (or archive/sent/trash) you think should be there…always check this QUEUES menu to make sure you have checked the boxes for any you have access to.

Why is this here?   Because as you use Updox for more and more of your secure clinical communications and interact with other groups, practices and individuals, with more varied uses of queues…you might want to more quickly display only what you want to see “now”…….but always remember to check this menu when you login.   This can also be controlled on the Mobile app with the “filters/sorts” option


You can invite any other colleague regardless of what practice, group, hospital or facility they might work in



There is a MOBILE APP  that is a mobile web interface (a later version will be a true “app”)

On your smartphone open a browser, type in   touch.myupdox.com

Then login with your Updox credentials and click to “save to home screen”


To Send Secure Updox Messages first requires a “relationship” is established via “refer/share/invite/accept”


You can PRINT from anything on your computer, from any app, even from an EMR, right into your Updox workspace. Once the item is there you can mark it up, hide PHI , add comments, and send out securely, or by fax, or email, etc

Instructions on the Installation of the Updox Printer