Rapid Response Team-Virtual Care

The Virtual Care Rapid Response Team is a special project for Telemedicine.

How does this model work?

  • The data is entered immediately into a secure Podio App, within a workspace unique to that facility
  • The only members of that workspace are clinicians who request and provide consults for that facility
  • The “App”  is actively monitored (“followed” ) by members of the workspace who are “available, on-call or on-schedule”
  • The people potentially available are immediately notified as a shared task on their smartphones and via the web
  • All of this is completely under the control of the clinicians involved on both ends

If a web form link is “unavailable” then nobody from that team is accessible at this time. Please use the normal channels you would pursue to obtain telemedicine consults


This is a parallel workflow directly connecting clinicians. It does NOT replace the normal process by which your staff makes a phone call into a consult or call center in order to provide the basic patient demographics and log the case.

The “innovation” is that while that is occuring between your staff and a consult center, this process directly gets you connected quickly to a telemedicine physician for curbside advice or direct video consultation.