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Members and guests of The Apractis Clinic make stories like this their daily reality.

  • A Marine participates in the birth of his first child

  • A distressed couple gets parallel second/third opinions

  • A patient/family learn more about their MRI scan without leaving home

  • A family medicine doc gets help with wound care

  • An uninsured immigrant gets world class four way expertise for their Parkinsons in a safety net clinic

  • Telemedicine experts collaborate on complicated tpa/stroke decision making in real time

  • A physician wanted a 3rd opinion on a highly complex perinatal case involving a potentially life-changing decision contacted The Apractis Clinic support center for assistance..  A virtual mtg with a subspecialist at an academic medical center, a nurse whose daughter was the expectant mom, and her husband 500 miles away on business. A timely complex clinical intervention resulted in an immediate decision to fly 2000 miles to another expert who helped perform a true miracle!