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The Apractis Clinic is a model of virtual collaborative care that crosses the boundaries of specific organizations and overcomes the traditional silos of care.

The Apractis Clinic is enabled by tools, services and methods that make it evident at all times who is involved in any stream of discussion, meeting, content sharing, virtual workspace collaboration, or shared task.

People participate as an individual and as a member of workspaces that are permission based and self-governing.  Even if the individual is employed in one or more healthcare organizations, one participates in the virtual care process with the same principles and practices applied to using personal email, messaging, a laptop, tablet or cellphone or personal banking account.

The Apractis Clinic trains and supports all participants in the appropriate precautions related to the sharing of information. Specifically, who and how you communicate and whatever accountability applies to responsible personal behavior. Those are not the domain of any given sponsoring organization, they are the domain of the individual and we share that responsibility in supporting your role as an active participant.

When any “PHI” (personal health information) such as names or ID numbers are entered by individuals into a workspace or even mentioned within online meetings or other media, it is always because there is a high value to the clinical care process and to safety overall in including such information.  One is always aware of who is in any discussion thread, workspace or activity and adapts what is shared accordingly.  And it is easy to remove any specific identifying tags after that information has lost its critical value to the treatment process. These are not intended to be permanent records, they are temporary collaborative methods.

The procedures, tools and methods we embrace are highly compliant with privacy and security standards and practices.  The incorporation of user/group administrative permissions tools and visible audits in all aspects of file/messaging and content workflow in fact extends beyond what many organizations accept as sufficient. Processes of collaboration and communication are based on all participants being highly aware of who gets to see and do what, and there is no need to depend or rely on “company” devices or technology in order to be an actively engaged participant in this virtual collaborative care model.

We ask all participants in The Apractis Clinic model of virtual collaborative care to read and acknowledge this brief web form. This outlines the nature and limits of our collective responsibilities.

We have enabled this online confirmation process to ensure that sponsoring programs, who might ask us to sign a  ”Business Associate Agreement”, know that we actively engage the individual and his/her personal responsibility as a professional steward of information and shared communications.

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Andrew Barbash, MD

Executive Director, The Apractis Clinic