Personal Video Consult Rooms



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HIPAA Compliant, practical, any-device video conferencing

 At the time of a consult, it is simple to enter a specialist’s secure video consult room from ANY device.  

Any Zoom user has a fixed “personal video consult room” address that a visitor can enter as a guest.

Zoom has a free user account as a good way to be introduced (limited video minutes and other tools included)

Zoom enables people to easily create secure text chat groups also

The mobile app is fully integrated with its desktop and web app

A Zoom room owner can lock or unlock the room at any time.  Private and Practical.

ZoomLogo video auto installs and launches

Select a name and connect. 


Andrew Barbash, MD

Mason Gasper, MD

If you are a physician with your own Zoom account and would like your direct room link entered here

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