Neuro 911 Demo Test

Test Projects UsingupdoxlogoForms and Inbox

For testing only and NOT for live cases at this time.

Remove intermediaries and barriers so that physicians can reach specialists in real time.

Any physician can request care using a simple secure web form

If its made easy, initial “triage” can be done by the requesting clinician

Easy to bookmark on a mobile device for easy access (like an “app”)

Efficient data entry to instruct the specialty team what is needed, how and when.

Received in a team clinical inbox (secure, HIPAA compliant Updox).

Message enters a queue that auto-notifies a team of specialists who control their “availability”

Quick Self-Triage Form for ED Physician with Neurology Case

(see the buttons below for cases you highly suspect a stroke or TIA)



Use this to help confirm why your “acute stroke” case is NOT likely to need urgent TPA evaluation

Neuro 911 Test TPA NOT LIKELY form

Use this if you have an acute stroke or TIA case and need urgent evaluation because you believe there is a reasonable potential for TPA

Neuro 911 Test TPA VERY POSSIBLE form

Use this for cases that are likely not urgent medically but for which you would like a prompt response to evaluate

NON ACUTE stroke or other neurology consult

This is an example with personal info removed of the form received in the Updox inbox

The clinicians who have access to the “message queue” are notified by SMS text

Whoever is available can respond, comment and others will know it was addressed