Testing..Neurology Facility Triage Forms

Using Secure updoxlogo Clinical Inboxes

This is a TESTING page for Physicians/MidLevels ONLY.

A program to help healthcare professionals who need neurologic support efficiently provide just a few pieces of information from any mobile device, cart, computer

A team of specialists credentialed at any one facility can rapidly receive, review and respond.

Consults can be initiated as quickly as needed, but also make sure that the service provided is whats needed!

The form arrives securely in a message queue within Updox, and the people who are notified about messages are those specialists credentialed at the facility who are either working as scheduled or available to help with extra case needs.

Select the Hospital or Facility in which you are located and is participating in this program of direct referring physician entry of a limited information set that is DIRECTLY transmitted to the specialist (neurologist in this case) team that is covering your facility.