NeuroDox…virtual care

Bookmark on your smartphone and “add to home screen”. 

Our team can create a user account for you in the virtual clinic

Using Secure updoxlogo Inbox Forms

A pilot program to provide a simple mobile secure form for case triage

For any hospitalist or emergency room clinician at a facility receiving teleneurology services.

The answers to just a few questions lets the specialist know what you need, how and when.

It is securely received in an Updox Clinical Team Inbox and routed to an available clinician

The form is for physicians who need rapid assistance with a potential stroke or other urgent scenario neurologically


This form is for a nurse to notify the specialty team that he/she is ready with the patient to get a consult started

Nurse..Ready to Start a Consult

Neurology Virtual Care Service

(not for medical emergencies)

Using Secure Messaging for Clinical Collaboration

Request a General Neurology Consult

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