About Us

Putting People in Charge of the Work

Self-governed and private…managed by clinicians.

Focused on your workflow needs, not on technology

Pragmatic collaboration across all boundaries of care.

Independent of any specific systems, organizations or practices.

Helping to simplify meetings and case collaborations.

Success Stories

Andrew Barbash, MD, Co-founder and Director

 Neurologist, Full Time Telemedicine practice with Specialists on Call. Director and Co-Founder of The Apractis Clinic

We are a membership based service and have a very select group of corporate service partners.

Our partners make it affordable for us to provide the tools amd methods to practice “virtual care”

Sponsored members have access to professional support, advanced workflow tools and shared apps for specific types of tasks.

 We do NOT market, sell or develop technology

But we DO devote ourselves to the things that work for our members

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Andrew Barbash,MD,  Executive Director…My Virtual Office