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Welcome to our Center for Virtual Care

A self-governed private community…managed by clinicians.

Helping people collaborate across all boundaries of care.

Experience the process of virtual care as our guest

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Provide Followup Reports or Results on a Telemedicine Case

We help people share best practices in telemedicine, collaboration, and communication

We are independent of any specific practice, organization, company or healthcare system

Subscribed Members of the Virtual Clinic have access to more advanced tools

Clinical workflow experts are easily accessed for time-based consulting services.

 We do NOT market, sell or develop technology

But we DO devote our time to finding the stuff that works!!

Our platform for secure messaging and document management  is Updox

Including individual and team based fax/document/email messaging and integration with EMRs


 Our platform for secure personalized workflow apps is Podio





Andrew Barbash,MD,  Executive Director…My Virtual Office